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Planning a holiday is always a difficult task, especially when you need to choose a perfect place for your next trip. When tralvers choose a tour package and cheap flight to Belgium, they can be sure that the city they are traveling to is safe. Belgium is the smallest and most populous country in the northwestern part of Europe. Anybody can easily book a flight to Brussels from Flightsaticket and plan the safest journey ahead. Whether you are looking for a holiday with a lot of sightseeing and shopping. Golf is the speciality of this place, you are when looking for a cheap Belgium ticket price, you must look for the golf course in Belgium so that you can stay there and enjoy golf all day long. Beautiful scenery and historical sites are the icings on the cakes.

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The travel plan and flight for Belgium is also perfect for those who are fond of waffles, chocolates, and culinary arts. The Belgian waffles are well-known all over the globe, but there's more to this country's gastronomic culture. The Brusselicious Tram Experience is an excellent option for food lovers. Tourists can enjoy a meal in a fully-fledged restaurant while they travel through the city on an old tram. The long coastline provides tourists with an amazing experience of sailing, canoeing, and kayaking.

The city is about a fusion of cold charm and modern allures, cultures, and trends. Talking about the vintage castles, mansions, museums, churches, and modern architecture, Belgium is a hub of shopping and amusements.

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Grand Place, Brussels

The Grand Place is the central square of Brussels, Belgium. It is also known as Grote Markt in Dutch. It is surrounded by the opulent baroque Guildhalls of the former Guilds of Brussels and two larger edifices, i.e. Flamboyant Town Hall and neo-Gothic King’s House. The neo-gothic king’s house is also known as the Bread House building, which contains the Brussels City museum as well. Find a flight to Belgium and visit this Grand Place, that has been constructed in the 19th century. The Grand Place was also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site for an outstanding representation of the architecture of the 17th century. If you will visit the Grand place in August, then you’ll find the square will be busy with tourists and locals. Moreover, it is always busy with locals and tourists.

The Canals of Bruges

The Bruges canal starts from the bank of the river Reie. It is a 24.6 km long canal in Flanders. This canal connects the North sea to the Belgian interior. It runs between the cities of Ostend and Bruges. It connects the other three canals in Bruges. These three canals are- the canal Ghent-Bruges, Damme Canal, and Boudewijn Canal. Today, the canals are a beautiful reminder of the history of Bruges. Plan a trip and book your flight to Belgium to experience these beautiful sights on the boat. One of the best opportunities to get the photos of both Bruges' famous canal-side terraced housed architecture and some of its buildings, when you book a flight to Belgium.

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Gravensteen and Old Town of Ghent

If you are one of those who love history, then this place would be the best for you in Belgium. Check out for ticket prices of Belgium and must check out this place on Google. The Gravensteen is a medieval castle in Ghent city of East Flanders in Belgium. This castle is also known as the Castle of the Counts. This impressive fort with amazing architecture was once the grand home of the counts of Flanders. Today it is one of the best surviving examples of Europe’s best-moated fortress and has been incredibly well-preserved. The walls of this fort are strong and impressively thick, that soar up from the waters of the river Lieve right.


For all the history fans, Waterloo is the place where Napoleon was defeated in the famous battle of Waterloo. The area where the battle once roared today is a beautiful, bucolic land of fields and farms. However, an artificial hill rises from the flatlands to honor the day Napoleon's army was defeated. When you book a flight to Belgium have a look at the view from the top. The views from the top are spectacular. Waterloo is a must-see for anyone who is interested in the history and geography of Belgium and Europe.

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