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Book Airline to Venice a timeless city having more than 100 tiny islands that are surrounding the vast venetian lagoon

Book Airline to Venice A timeless city having more than 100 tiny islands that are surrounded by the vast Venetian Lagoon.

An enchanting city that casts every visitor under an intoxicating spell of its beauty. It is a completely dreamy city and filled with romance everywhere. It has an undercurrent of mystery and drama. It is as captivating as candy. Book a flight to Venice and experience a carnival mood in the streets all over the year, though it happens only once. You can get a direct flight to Venice and take a trip to The Grand Canal with a glass of prosecco in your hand. What could be more romantic than this?

Book the cheapest flight to Venice with your better half and fall in love again with them. Venice is a city for lovers, but it is more than that. If you are into art, then this city is a perfect match for you. Not only art but also you are a fan of cinema, music, architecture or just want to be swept away by the magical destinations, Venice is the city that everyone adores.

Enchanting city to get lost in!

Cheap Flight ticket to venice at Flightsaticket

Doge's Palace

Doge’s palace is a perfect example of Gothic architecture. The building and its sculptural decoration date from the various periods tell so many stories about Venice. Many artists such as Titian, Veronese, Tintoretto, A.Vittora, and Tiepolo have worked in the interiors of this beautiful palace. This includes vast council chambers, decorated superbly and has residential apartments and austere prison cells. Venice cheap Air ticket allows you to have a day at facades of the palace.

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The Grand Canal

A main channel in Venice is the main mode of transportation in the city. It is slightly more than 3 km long and around 50 metres wide. Its average depth is around 17 feet and it connects several points of the city with a maze of smaller canals. When you book a flight ticket to venice at FlightsAticket and stay here for some time, you will get to know that automobiles are banned in the city. The main water thoroughfare of Venice is lined with the great Renaissance palace. It is a colourful and busy spectacle of gondolas.

Basilica Di San Marco

With the large number of domes and more than 8000 sq metres of the luminous mosaics, this cathedral in Venice is an unforgettable spot. During 932BC the original building was burnt down, then Venice rebuilt basilica in its own cosmopolitan image. It has now the byzantine domes, a greek cross layout and walls made up by marble from Syria, Egypt, and Palestine. Book a cheap flight ticket to Venice and visit this oldest monument in the Venice. The front of St Mark's ripples, crests like waves, its five niched portals capped by shimmering mosaics or frothy rockwork arches. The golden mosaics are especially brightened by the setting sun just before sunset.

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The lunette over the far-left portal depicts St Mark's body being stolen and arriving at the basilica. It is the oldest mosaic on the facade. It dates back to 1270. Three of the other lunettes echo the theme, with the 1660 mosaics to the right of the second portal. These show turbaned officials grabbing the pork fat hamper containing the sainted body. The central portal is used to make grand entrances. It features an elaborate triple arch with intricate stone reliefs and Egyptian purple porphyry columns.

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The Jewish Museum of Venice

The Jewish Museum is a notable tourist destination and well-known site in Venice. It is located in Campo of Ghetto Novo and was established by the Jewish Community of Venice. It features valuable items created by textile makers, coppersmiths and goldsmiths as well as ancient books and manuscripts that depict the civil and religious lives of the community. The Jewish Museum of Venice can be found in the Campo of Ghetto Novo between two of the oldest Venetian synagogues. It is a small but rich museum that was founded by the Jewish Community of Venice in 1953.

Book your flight ticket to Venice to witness the Jewish tradition through the display of precious objects, including important examples of goldsmithing and textile manufacturing from the 16th to the 19th centuries. You will also find a large selection of manuscripts and ancient books, as well as some items that were used in important moments of religious and civil life.

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