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Washington is one of the states that has a diversity of nature. It has mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers, forests, valleys, and waterfalls too. Washington state is a gem in the Pacific Northwest and the fastest growing city. There is something for everyone in Washington to visit and experience. You can go for adventures or can go for field surveying, or enjoy your day at the bank of a river.

Book a cheap flight to Washington and must see the beauty of nature at its best. Washington got its name from the first U.S. President, George Washington. It was formed from the western part of Washington Territory. Find a flight to Washington from any place in the world to experience the charm of the 18th largest state in the USA.

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Olympic Peninsula

Olympic peninsula is situated across the Puget Sound from Seattle. It is famous for wild beaches, dense rainforests, towering mountains, fairytale waterfalls, port towns, and Native American reservations. Olympic National Park has so much epic beauty that your eyes will be mesmerized to cover everything. Whenever you book a cheap flight ticket to Washington, you should get the beauty of the Olympic Peninsula.

Lake Diablo

Lake Diablo will make you squint with its spectacular turquoise water. This lake seems like someone has injected dye in the lake but that is not true. This milky turquoise water is due to the reflection of the sun on the tiny particles of glacier rock flour. The color of the lake becomes more vibrant turquoise during the summer months. Book your flight for Washington to enjoy the amazing spots near Lake Diablo. Some of the most popular camping sites at Lake Diablo are Thunder Point Campground and Colonial Creek Campground. Gorge Lake Campground is a small campground with fire pits and public convenience as well.

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Mount Baker

This mountain is very beautiful all around the year. In summer you can go hiking and in winter you can go skiing when there is a huge pile of snow. With the amazing wildflowers, sunshine, and clear views of Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan. Summer is the perfect time for photography and hiking in North Cascades National Park. Meanwhile, winter is the perfect season for snow lovers. You can go skiing or run a resort for visitors. Plan a trip to Washington, and you can also volunteer the locals for managing the visitors.

Palouse Falls

If you are one who is into waterfalls then this place is the best in Washington for you. Seeing it in real is still the dream of many. Book your flight for Washington and experience this pretty darn epic view of Palouse falls. With the rolling green valleys that have been carved out by the powerful falls that create a river. This landscape looks nearly similar to Iceland. Although there is not much to see around this waterfall, the waterfall itself is very mesmerizing to enjoy. It is a great stop on a road trip to Idaho and also a fun day trip with family or friends.

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